Akciók Tesztvezetés Márkakereskedő keresése Állítsa össze a saját autóját!

Transparent & Competitive Total Cost of Ownership

When it comes to TCO we are committed to ensuring that the full cost of company cars is transparent and always highly competitive.

We have the tools and expertise available to provide you with a real-world view of your fleet costs. We are able to do this because we have nothing to hide - we know the cost will be competitive.

Cost efficiencies are built into our business offer at all levels. Our hybrid vehicles boast competitive TCO thanks to:
  • less wear of parts such as brake discs and brake pads
  • the absence of a clutch, starter motor, alternator and timing belt
  • low taxation (CO2 incentives for both company & drivers)
  • proven reliability

Minden árkategóriában, minden célra és mindenki számára létezik egy megfelelő Toyota.

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